Videos and Podcasts

This is an interview I gave in October 2018, reflecting on my journey through the Doctorate of Management programme at Glasgow Caledonian University so far, including how my experiences have helped shape the thesis research, and the importance of contributing to both theory and practice.


This is the second group podcast by three Professional Doctorate students at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, that I am part of. We are the Co-founders of the #ProfDockers movement. The podcast is a discussion our experiences of peer support as Professional Doctorate candidates, recorded in October 2018.


This is a presentation I gave at the 2018 Professional Doctorate Student Conference at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland on: “Investigating the Role of Paradoxical Thinking and its Effectiveness in Managing Decision-Making for Strategy Implementation.”

The purpose of the presentation is to highlight the development of the early stages of my thesis, and to emphasize motivations for focusing on paradoxical thinking, particularly on the interplay between intuition and rationality.

This is the first ever podcast by a group of Professional Doctorate students at Glasgow Caledonian University that I am part of – the #ProfDockers. The discussion is about what it is like being a doctoral student and why each person embarked on this journey. It is hoped to provide a little information/inspiration to other doctoral students (past, present and future) on this challenging and fulfilling endeavour.

This is my first ever podcast; just acting upon my curiosity and starting the Professional Doctorate student experience discussion.


This is a podcast where I was part of a discussion panel on the Off the Ball radio show on Newstalk FM in January, 2014, as part of my role as GAA National Development Officer. Hosted by Diarmuid Lyng, the discussion focused on at the future of children’s Gaelic games coaching.

The panel included Mary O’Connor (former Cork camogie & football player, and Director of Camogie Development), Juliette Murphy (former Cork footballer and Primary School Teacher), Mickey Whelan (former Dublin footballer and coach) and Christy O’Connor (journalist and hurling coach).

This is a presentation I gave on “GAA Go Games: The R(e)volution in Gaelic Games” at the 2014 Games Development conference in Croke Park, Dublin, as part of my role as GAA National Development Officer.

This is a presentation I gave on the development of hurling in Limerick city from 2005 to 2010. I was employed as the Hurling Development Officer for Limerick city during this period. It was made at the GAA National Games Development Conference in Croke Park, Dublin in January 2011.