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  1. Another excellent, insightful, honest, descriptive articulation of the thought process as well as the journey to achieving a PhD via the Professional Doctorate route. At a granular level, this is basically all you kneed to know in terms of impact and probability of achievement. If you begin at your core from an honest place then the outcome will be as honest and as fruitful as you could possibly have hoped for. Contribution to knowledge and subsequent personal growth will be guaranteed. Well done Pat and thank you. #ProfDockers


  2. Many thanks Eileen for your comments.

    This is meaningful, given your expertise and doctoral thesis research around psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

    Highly recommend others to visit your new blog – https://balanceandrisk.com – and have a browse at your informative and inspirational articles…



  3. Keep it up Pat, I understand your pain. The feeling you receive when the examiners says that he/she will recommend that you’ve passed your viva is like no other and stands alongside other momentous events such as the birth of your children. Remember when you finish to do a post-doctoral review perhaps 2 sides of A4 and share it with others. Part-time research is not widely recognised as such, because everyone assumes that your day job is in the university (including those people who arrange really useful seminars at two days notice).

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    1. Thanks for taking the time for leaving comments Frank. There’s little better advice from those who have walked the walk, especially those who have worked simultaneously.


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