Hi and welcome to my site.

Here you’ll find out a little bit about me. I bring over 15 years’ experience of leadership and relationship-building in multidisciplinary, complex organisational settings. I currently work as a Senior Learning & Development Manager in the sport industry, spearheading major projects and programmes that build organisational capacity.

I have completed an undergraduate degree and two masters’s degrees . I am currently studying for a Doctor of Management degree in my spare time. I work on the principle that you cannot manage or develop anybody else, unless you remain committed to managing and developing yourself. Feel free to check out my related blog-posts, podcasts, presentations, etc.

I live in Cork, Ireland with my wife & children. There’s nothing more I love than spending time with them, other family and friends. I also enjoy travelling, cycling, walking, hurling, philosophy, psychology and impressionist art. I often scan for inspiration to challenge and develop myself and my worldview.

If you are interested in potentially working with me or have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me.